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We love trees and enjoy our work as certified arborists saving and protecting trees. We also understand that sometimes, trees need to be removed. We can help plant new trees or beautify your existing trees. However, if you have dangerous trees or trees that have fallen in a storm, call the tree professionals at Asheville Landscaping.


Complete Landscape Installation

Asheville Landscape Installation

Whether you've just built a new home and need an entire landscape installed or your existing landscape needs a makeover, we can work with you to help design and install new landscaping that will increase your property's curb appeal and offer you aesthetic satisfaction for years to come. We can help transform your landscape into an outdoor living area that you will enjoy spending time in.


Mulch, Wood Chips or Pine Needles

Asheville Mulch

There are many benefits to applying mulch to landscape beds aside from just making your landscape overall more attractive. Some of the additional benefits include:


-keeping your landscape beds sufficiently mulched is the #1 thing you can do to ensure proper plant health care


-mulch has the ability to retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need to irrigate your landscape and helps your plants to be more drought tolerant. Adequate moisture in the soil will also allow your plants to more readily uptake nutrients from the soil


-mulch breaks down over time and contributes to soil health replenishing essential macronutrients to the upper layer of soil which is where most of your plants roots grow


-mulch helps with weed control and helps insulate your plants root system reducing winter injury from cold temperatures


-mulch also helps prevent erosion and mulch rings around your trees can prevent mechanical damage from mower and weed eaters 


We'll handle the delivery of mulch to your property and make sure it is properly applied to all of your landscape beds. Your landscape and plants will thank us


Boulder Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are primarily used to stabilize a hillside, but they can also be creatively used to create beautiful outdoor living spaces. Our staff works with our clients to design the best retaining walls constructed from the appropriate material to achieve our client's objectives and build a wall that will last a lifetime. 


We also specialize in the removal of old failing existing retaining walls and re-installing new walls with up to date materials and construction techniques. Most older retaining walls fail due to improper drainage on the backside of the wall, sub-par building materials, or simply the improper installation of the wall. We prefer to construct our walls out of natural boulder and stone material, but we can also utilize interlocking block or pressure treated timbers. Clients do need to be aware that although pressure treated timbers are less expensive to install, they have a limited life expectancy and it is recommended to use stone and rock materials whenever possible to ensure the longevity and life of the retaining walls. 

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